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SIGMA CNC PRODUCTS. The Company was established in the year 2004 at Hosur,We are specialized in manufacturing of Cold Forged and precision machined components as per customer’s requirements to all over India. The company has established itself as the preferred supplier Cold Forged and precision machined to all over worldwide 

The Company has sophisticated CNC turning Machine, Mechanical press, furnace and Thread rolling and SPM Machines also have fully equipped Conventional facilities.

The Company has been maintaining a track record in achieving 0 PPM to customer, we are maintaining the Quality, Cost effectiveness, continual Improvement and on time delivery as per customers requirements.

Mile Stone

2004 - Sigma CNC Established.

2006 - ISO 9001:2001 Certification

2007 - Added more CNC machines

2013 - ISO/TS 16949 certification

2017 - IATF 16949 -2016 certification

2018 - SIGMA CNC PRODUCTS - New Plant Estabilished

2019 - Internal cold forging unit & New Customers

2020 - Added CNC Machine

2021 - Added Inspection facilities

2022 - Added CNC & Forging Press Machine